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Expert in relating

Thrive in relationships


Introduction to Mindfulness

Heart Practices: Joy, Lovingkindness, Compassion, Equanimity

Interpersonal Mindfulness

Heart Practices for Leaders

Power and Love

Family & Couples

With over 20 years in helping my clients find, develop and maintain healthy thriving relationships, I provide the structure and space for you and your loved ones to work through conflict, struggles and remove any barriers to intimacy and love.


Interpersonal Dynamics

Power Dynamics

Empathy for Leaders

Merge to Emerge - Authentic Leadership

Heart Practices for Leaders



Dr. Selph has been supporting couples, families, executives and leaders for 20 years. A close encounter with his own death led him to the realization that ultimately what really matters in life are our relationships. As a result he has dedicated his professional life to eliminating barriers to close intimate relationships in all contexts of life - personal and professional. He has taught relational dynamics and leadership at Stanford University, University of California - San Francisco, University of San Francisco and The Wright Institute. He has worked with individuals and teams at Google, Meta, Roche/Genentech, the Armed Forces (USMC and the Army), the Veterans Administration, and many other organizations. 


Sample Clients




"The class was very well  balanced with meditation, teaching and  student participation.  The time seemed to fly by."

Project Manager


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